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Rafael Raposo Pires, b. 1994, Portuguese.

Currently studying at the Master of Multimedia Art at Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon. He has previously completed his studies in the Bachelor of Photography and Visual Culture (2014-17) at IADE – Creative University in Lisbon, and he did an exchange semester abroad at BTK – University of Art & Design in Berlin, to broaden his knowledge regarding photobooks. During 2017-18 he kept producing his projects while at the Post Graduation of Contemporary Photography Speeches at Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon.

Passionate about exploring the world, he uses photography to document the architectural environment around him as he is mainly interested on how urbanscapes evolve. He also enjoys photographing motorsports and automotive content.

Group Exhibitions:

  • Photography Exhibition FBAUL 18 – 5D Creative Hub (September 2018)
  • Photography Exhibition X’17 – MUTE Gallery (March 2018)
  • L3 – Lisbon Lab (June 2016)


  • O Longe e as Imagens – FBAUL Exhibition Catalogue (October 2018)
  • Cisterna Número 4 – AEFBAUL (June 2018)
  • NOVA Fotografia 2014_2018 (June 2018)
  • Cisterna Número 3 – AEFBAUL (February 2018)
  • Alone Togheter – Photobook (January 2017)

Mobile: +351 913729306

E-mail:   rafaelpiresphoto@gmail.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/raposopires/