Alone Together

Alone Together shows architectural and urban details documenting an improvisation, maintenance or lack thereof, within the urban space. The project that began in September 2016 reflects on how a space is shaped, used and modified. It values the observation of peculiar situations that defy the norm.

A self published photobook was created as part of this project.

The project was exhibited at MUTE Gallery in Lisbon (March 2018) and at Banco das Artes Gallery in Leiria (September-November 2019).

Larache I – 20x30cm
Bucharest I – 20x30cm
Larache II – 20x30cm
Figuig – 20x30cm
Lisbon I – 20x30cm
Potsdam – 20x30cm
Bucharest II – 20x30cm
Chandigarh – 20x30cm
Lisbon II – 20x30cm
Lisbon III – 20x30cm
Helsinki – 20x30cm
Avilés – 20x30cm
Alone Together photobook (2017)