Caminhar Limites

Exhibition at Câmara Escura Gallery, CCC Torres Vedras, Portugal.

Photographs from the series There is more to Urban Limits than a Circular Road (2021), and the sculpture, video-performances and photograph from the project Espaço | Marca (2019).

From 15 of January to 11 of February 2022.

Support I (40x60cm), Ingress and Egress I (20x30cm)
Support II (40x60cm)
All paths lead to a square (100x66cm)
Ingress and Ingress II (20x30cm), Suburbia post-mortem (45x30cm)
Support III (40x60cm), Support IV (40x60cm)
Support V (40x60cm)
Marca (100x100x68cm), Foum Zguid (6’35”), Condominium Loop (100x66cm), Pinheirinho (13’22”), Atlas (4’40”)