Urbe (2017-2019) is a series of photographs made while walking on several cities during the night time. Whole neighbourhoods are void of movement and the streets are taken over by dormant automobiles, the people’s most private belongings left outside, presumably the nearest possible to the front door of their owners house.
In an experiment to scratch the border between public and private space within the urban landscape, gardens are overlooked, fences trespassed and building entrances visited. A recurrent theme are the casualties present on both automobiles and co-existing adjacent constructed scenarios, all at the mercy of proximity with each other.

The project has been exhibited at 5D Creative Hub Gallery in Lisbon (September 2018) and at Banco das Artes Gallery in Leiria (September-November 2019).

Technical details:
Dimensions of 40x60cm and 30x45cm.
Inkjet prints on Hahnemühle Baryte paper, Editions of 3 + 1 A.P.