Espaço | Marca

Espaço | Marca [Space | Mark] (2019) reflects on the act of experiencing wide open land through walking, the subsequent marking of an area and its subdivision in plots. The appropriated landscapes for this project are located in areas where there has been a significant amount of construction related to the tourism industry. These events occur in multiple locations and take form as sculptures, video-performances and photographs.

This project has been exhibited at MUTE Gallery in Lisbon (June-July 2019), at Banco das Artes Gallery in Leiria (September-November 2019), at Cisterna | FBAUL in Lisbon (November-December 2019), at Studio Huette in Berlin (April 2020) and at Câmara Escura Gallery – CCC in Torres Vedras (January-February 2022).

Video still from Foum Zguid (6’35’’), colour, with sound, FULL HD, 2019;
Condominium Loop (2019)
Inkjet print on photographic paper, 100x66cm, 3+1 A.P.
Video still from Pinheirinho (13’22’’), colour, with sound, FULL HD, 2019;
Video still from Comporta (13’09’’), colour, with sound, FULL HD, 2019;