There is more to Urban Limits than a Circular Road

‘There is more to Urban Limits than a Circular Road’ is a photographic essay of numerous dérives made around urban areas in the Umbrian region of Italy.

While walking towards the outer areas of a city I am being guided by what my senses recognise as limits of an urban area. Main infrastructures such as larger roads, railroads and railway stations, dormitory blocks, industries, or even large shopping malls, are what primarily bounds my areas of interest. From an improvised solution at a tennis court, to the child’s swing overlooking the cable car line, passing by the saddened truth of suburbia-looking cemetery houses, to the quirky shapes of one’s property fence, all these peculiar situations convey a certain humor and irony to me. These borderline urban areas can often feel as monotonous as circular roads, since they end up being used mostly as rapid pass-through places. But when they are observed at a walking pace, several elements turn visible, displaying their function, shape or presence. Those elements found here convey me a sentiment of urban limit.

The photograph Minimetrò (Bystanders) belonging to this project was exhibited at ART MATTERS 3, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (April 2021).

Support I – 40x60cm
Support II – 40x60cm
Support III – 40x60cm
Support IV – 40x60cm
All paths lead to a square – 100x66cm
Suburbia post-mortem – 30x45cm
Minimetrò (Bystanders) – 100x66cm
Barriers – 40x60cm
Ingress and Egress – 20x30cm
Surrounded I – 100x66cm
Support V – 40x60cm
Circular road – 100x66cm

Technical details:
Inkjet prints on fine-art cotton paper, Editions of 3 + 1 A.P.

Alone Together

Alone Together shows architectural and urban details documenting an improvisation, maintenance or lack thereof, within the urban space. The project that began in September 2016 reflects on how a space is shaped, used and modified. It values the observation of peculiar situations that defy the norm.

A self published photobook was created as part of this project.

The project was exhibited at MUTE Gallery in Lisbon (March 2018) and at Banco das Artes Gallery in Leiria (September-November 2019).

Larache I – 20x30cm
Bucharest I – 20x30cm
Larache II – 20x30cm
Figuig – 20x30cm
Lisbon I – 20x30cm
Potsdam – 20x30cm
Bucharest II – 20x30cm
Chandigarh – 20x30cm
Lisbon II – 20x30cm
Lisbon III – 20x30cm
Helsinki – 20x30cm
Avilés – 20x30cm
Alone Together photobook (2017)