Looking into your eyes

Imagem 337_RPPS

I was in Gibraltar (UK) amazed with the interaction between modern human life and monkeys, these animals were everywhere, from the main central square up to the top of the rock. Up there in the rock, this monkey was looking at me, I slowly went towards him and took this picture very closely. There is my reflection in his eyes, I love the way he was looking at the camera.


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Walking around

F1000022_NomeI was walking around Lisbon and stopped for a while in this square (CCB, Belém). A young girl and one boy were skating there, I was searching for the best angle, and thought it would be great to have some people passing by, so I waited a bit and took this picture. At exactly the same moment, the man was adjusting his pants.
Shot with 35mm film.

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Comporta_Páscoa_2012 149_Nome

I was in Comporta, a very small portuguese village, and went for a walk at night. I went to Sado’s riverbed and it was almost empty, very quiet and the sky was very dark. As I was playing with the exposure settings, the clouds started to be visible and lots of light from Setubal too.

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